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Strategy Advisory

The Field is a network of highly-skilled senior associates who draw from multiple customer-centric, data-driven and digitally-enabled market-leading methodologies. We work with our clients to design and deliver solutions across almost every industry.


We are committed to ensuring that the energy and investments of our clients are focused on delivering value to their markets. 


Understanding this value precisely, we design the interventions needed to create tangible returns across platforms and ecosystems.

We work with leadership teams to develop customer-centric strategies and

road maps.

We have deep experience in:

  • Customer-centric strategy

  • Purpose-led transformation

  • Digital strategy & transformation

  • Emerging technologies, the future world of work & skills development

  • Digital education, the future of education & knowledge management


Digital Leadership Development & Training

The Field Institute develops digital leaders by developing, aggregating and delivering transformative learning experiences that develop purpose-led, digitally-enabled leaders and organisations.


We partner with the top institutions globally, including:

  • Arbinger Institute (US/South Africa)

  • The Blockchain Academy (South Africa)

  • Darden School of Business (University of Virginia)

  • dGlobal (Stanford University)

  • Gordon Institute of Business Science (South Africa)

  • Hyper Island (Sweden)

  • The Innovation Leadership Group (Silicon Valley)

  • Jeff Gothelf (US/Spain)

  • Learning for Performance Improvement (South Africa)

  • Sense2Solve (South Africa)

  • Takdir LeadershipTransformation

  • Think Agile (South Africa)

Through our unique training interventions we enable leaders to navigate challenges, leverage the power of technology and

drive innovation.


Product Innovation & Design

From working with our customers to identify the unmet needs of their customers, right through the design thinking process to product and service ideation, prototyping and full-scale production, The Field Institute works with a range of expert, global partners to launch new services, new revenue streams and new business models for our customers.

Work with us to integrate Strategyn's unique and powerful approach to Jobs-To-Be-Done, Outcome Driven Innovation to anchor your business growth and innovation in the metrics that matter the most - your customers' unmet needs.

Work with us to leverage the best of design thinking to design solutions that address these unmet needs.

And finally, build a clear and coherent execution framework through our approach to goal-setting (OKRs), architected and visualized using the radical, one-of-a-kind Scientrix multi-dimensional strategy platform.

We run customer-centred research and design sprints to

enable precision in 

product innovation


Social Innovation Lab

We are dedicated to building the capability for a positive future by engaging the complex issues of our times. The not-for-profit arm of The field Institute, The Field Lab, is focused on facilitating new ways of leading, collaborating and organising specifically around developmental areas for positive social impact.

We are primarily active, designing and delivering digital and innovative projects in the education and social development sectors. We partner with government, NPO and private companies to bring new thinking and lean-agile ways of working into social development programmes.

The Field Lab thrives in complex environments, where change and uncertainty need to be met with fearlessness, curiosity and inspiration.

One of The Field's digital training and workplace-readiness programmes for unemployed youth is d-lab.

The Field Lab develops powerful,

purpose-led and

future-ready leaders, ready to change the world for the better.

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