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The Field works with businesses, non-profits and government bodies to increase their performance through customer-centric, digitally-enabled strategy and digital skills development for their teams.

The Field is not a place. It’s an ecosystem which brings together people who are committed to living with purpose, and seek to be part of preparing the world for the emerging future. We can’t know this future, but we do know it is digital, we trust that it is abundant, and we believe it will pivot around innovation.





Putting the individual at the centre:

The role of digital identity during the time

of COVID-19

  • Should individuals be given ownership of and control over their data in general?

  • Should individuals be given ownership of and control over their data during a pandemic?

  • What are the pros and cons of allowing individuals to own and control their data during a national

  • or global crisis?

  • Is it possible and/or advisable to have a digital ecosystem that is open and decentralised?


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