Embracing the digital domain – exploring ways to limit COVID-19’s impact on the supply chain


Leader's Angle: Impact of 4IR 


Panel presentation on behalf of University of Stellenbosch Business School



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Putting the individual at the centre:

The role of digital identity during the time

of COVID-19

  • Should individuals be given ownership of and control over their data in general?

  • Should individuals be given ownership of and control over their data during a pandemic?

  • What are the pros and cons of allowing individuals to own and control their data during a national

  • or global crisis?

  • Is it possible and/or advisable to have a digital ecosystem that is open and decentralised?

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Learning Resources for AI and Digital

Published in April 2019, a list of resources for beginners.

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In Times of Accelerating Uncertainty, there's only one way to respond

How should we respond to the imminence of a post-human world, a world where probability supplants predictability?

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Why Lean-Agile?

Or why precision isn't the opposite of emergence

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What is Digital Transformation?

The digital in digital transformation is about digital thinking - not digital technologies.