The Field Institute designs custom Immersions for organisations looking to create alignment and urgency, raise the level of digital awareness, excite and engage their Leadership teams. In addition to jam-packed, interactive sessions covering the theory of digital, we host site visits with a carefully selected batch of ground-breaking start-ups who are in various stages of disrupting their industries.

These Immersive Learning Journeys run for between one and three days and take place in Cape Town, Johannesburg, London or New York City.


During the Immersion, delegates have the opportunity to reflect, individually and in teams, on the following topics:

  • Future Ways of Working

  • Future of Leadership

  • Future of Customer

  • And based on your Industry, a deep dive into trends and the future of FinTech, InsurTech, EduTech, HealthTech, AgriTech


  • To demystify the jargon around digital

  • To shift the leadership team's current way of thinking and learning about the digital future

  • To generate excitement around digital, exposing the team to leading digital companies and start-ups who are pioneering innovations across their industries

  • To ensure that leadership teams feel empowered by digital, and perceive it not as an imposition, but as a critical business enabler

  • To move leadership away from an obsession with technology only, and move toward customer-centric value propositions that are data-driven and digitally-enabled



Leading digital and purpose-led transformation for a positive and abundant world

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