An overview of The Field


Leading digital and purpose-led transformation for a positive and abundant world.

We are a purpose-led organisation, formed in 2017.

The Field is dedicated to equipping leaders and their organisations to navigate our digital future. We do this by curating and delivering transformative learning experiences that develop purpose-led, future-ready leaders and organisations.

There is exponential and radical change in the world of work, and in the way we live, and in the way we relate to each other. It’s largely driven by digital transformation.

We know that across sectors, leaders and their organisations are struggling with the radical pace of change and disruption.

We know that they seek new ideas, and new ways of learning – and that they seek new ways for their organisations to learn.

We know that if this need is well met, the positive impact on business, people, society and the environment can be immense.

That’s what we stand for: supporting leaders globally to develop greater comfort with complexity, helping them to see disruption as opportunity, and making an important positive difference in the way the world works.

At The Field we,

Curate and deliver transformative learning experiences

Develop powerful, purpose-led and future-ready leaders

Enable leaders to navigate challenges, leverage the power of technology, and drive innovation

Encourage leaders to change the world for the better, with exponential impact

Who We Are

We are a group of digital leaders and future thinkers who chose to establish The Field in response to a perceived deep and urgent hunger for connection around the pressing issues of our time.

Barbara Dale-Jones

Barbara manages large-scale programmes focused on organisational and sectoral capability development and has worked extensively in education and digital innovation.

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Alison Jacobson

Alison thrives on building digital ecosystems of people and innovations so that companies drive their resilience, purpose and performance.

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Ann Lamont

Ann’s passion lies in supporting individuals, organisations and society to develop new ways of working, leading and organising for greater abundance in future.

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Joshin Raghubar

Joshin is a serial entrepreneur and global thought leader focused on technology and economic development.

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Tamara Carleton

Tamara Carleton, Ph.D., is a global leader in helping organizations to create vision-led, radical innovations.

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The Field's Faculty

William Cockayne

William is an entrepreneur, executive and academic. He has led teams in blue sky research, incubation, product development and manufacturing. He lectures in Foresight & Innovation at Stanford.

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Marlaine Pretorius

Marlaine is a coach, facilitator, advisor, strategist and consultant. She is one of six Arbinger Institute’s associate-facilitators in South Africa and is also Tilt365 practitioner.

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The Team

Heather Parker

Heather is a consultant and integrative coach, with a particular interest in resilience, culture and purpose-led transformation. She helps organisations lead change through design thinking processes and innovative practise.

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Devon Reynolds

Devon thrives on sharing ideas with like-minded forward thinkers, helping to create a culture of purpose-led direction for all who interact with The Field.

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Kerri von Geusau

Kerri has a strong purpose to change society for the better. She’s in pursuit of a rounded understanding of the world to help develop creative solutions to the complex problems of our time.

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